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Text Box: The Math Teacher: A Researcher
•          MetaMath Problem Solving Technique
•          A Web-Based Approach to Behavioral Modification Through                                                         Conditioning, Reinforcement, Imitation and Modeling
•          Vygotsky’s Concept of Social Antimony in Teaching Mathematics 
•          Factors Associated with Mathematically Deficient Students
•          Development and Evaluation of Rubrics
•          Winx: Windows Administration and File Security Utility
•          A Mobile Administration Software within a Wireless Local Area Network through Bluetooth Connection
The Math Teacher: A Writer
•          Performance Management in Effective Schools
•          Managing A Global Community in Education
•          Institutional and Behavioral Impediments to the Use of Information
                Technology in Scientific Research
•          A Review of Multimedia and Authoring Tools in Software Development
•          The Internet Meets the Classroom






                                               " The quality of our life in the future will be determined by the quality

                                                of our response to the diversity of changes that stare at us. For

                                                educators, our consolation and assurance in coping with all these

                                                phenomena is in our belief in man's familiarity with changes and the

                                                 confidence in man's intrinsic capacity to adopt to it."


                                                                                                                            - Dante L. Silva


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